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(B)Logged In Over The Weekend...

In line with Kelvin's post for today, I've decided to take out a few moments and let you know some of the things I learned over the weekend, except that the things I learned were mostly blog-related. From friends I know to friends I hope to meet one day soon, it was quite an eventful weekend for yours truly...thus proving without a shadow of a doubt, an old dog (that would be me for those keeping score at home) can definitely learn new things...LOL

Here we go:

  • Who knew that regular old french fries were so good?!?!? Whatever they put in those things over at the Rock Bar...keep it up, chef! For the second Friday in as many weeks, I had the privilege of hanging out with the First Ladies of NYC Blog, Golden & Singing. And this past week (BONUS TIME!!!), we were joined by the city's most siddity, Sid! We had a ball... from the music to the mojitos. Ladies, thanks for the invite...and next month--IT'S ON!!!

  • I learned that it does matter who you travel with. Imagine my surprise when Keish, da produca from da Chi , came back with only a lukewarm review of her mini-Miami getaway. Shame. Hopefully, this weekend's extended escape will prove to be much, much better.

  • Ummmm...yeah, I gotta say it. She's my girl and I really can't wait to meet her in September when she comes back here. If you don't want something [revision] small told, like a [revision] lil secret... DO NOT...and I repeat, DO NOT tell her. I spared putting her name here but if you click on the link, you shall know of whom I speak. Lawd. Talk about spilling the beans...LOL But I lubb you anyway. Can't wait to meet youuuu. (Beep Beep)

  • However, if you want to know ANYTHING about Good Times and watched at least a part of the TV Land marathon that took place this past weekend, you can't help but think of Nikki. She's the best! I know she's gonna get tired of people giving her shout outs all over the net, but hey... I call it like I see it. *whispering* In fact, she's so popular, people actually check for her blog on the weekends. LOL Go check her out today and see if you can round out the cast of the '70s sitcom.

  • If you want a laugh...or four... stroll on over to The Songbirds' site. Yes, their latest post is hilarious. But it's the comment section that you NEED to check out. Apparently, these girls are international with theirs... drawing in love from as far as Iran. Trust me. Go on over. You'll see what it's all about. LOL

  • My newest favorite blogger, R.P.M., is funny on her own merits. Put her in a martini-induced haze... and watch the hilarity ratchet up a notch. Her posts the past seven days during her brother's visit have been nothing short of brilliant. But whether it's about her brother, her sister (Gooday Guvna!! LOL), or just life in general, she will leave you with the truth as she sees it... at several revolutions per minute. Prepare to spin for a spell. :) Check her out.

  • And lastly and definitely not least, I'd be remiss if I failed to give a huge shout-out and send my condolences to the one and only Kage. A lot of you may know of my affection for her--the Xquizzyt1. She's a true friend. Plus, we were blog-intendeds, for crying out loud. Now, as she grieves the loss of the man who she knew as grandfather, who was the father figure in her life, who was the rock of the family as she knew it, I want to just offer her and her family my deepest sympathies.

Wow...the chatting, the setting up of a new blog home, the Good Times marathon... (speaking of which, I was watching A LOT of those episodes over the weekend... and is it me... or did Florida Evans wear something orange in every single episode?!?!?!?!? I promise I didn't want to notice that, but since I love the color, I couldn't help it. Yeesh. Yes, please commence with the Florida orange jokes right Lawd.)

Anyways, so much went on over the weekend, I need a minute to recover. LOL Nah, actually I will be in DC for the remainder of the week for my job's annual convention. And when I return, I will be officially moving. For those few who haven't heard it from BELOVED (lol), the proposed new spot is here. And ummmm, if you know like I know, you'd do better than Michael Jackson did and make that change. I got a GREAT deal on the space and so far, I like the neighborhood. LOL

More details to come. Enjoy your week!


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