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If this were a sitcom, after the first four episodes, it would've been in danger of being cancelled. That's how brutal and unfunny, how random and sporadic it was. The ratings said so. But then, like Seinfeld, it seemed the sitcom found its legs in Episode 5, hitting on all cylinders, pulling in fans and settling in for a long run.

And just like Seinfeld--which was funny because it was a "show about nothing", a show we could all relate to and thus never had to win any awards to keep viewers, just as long as it stayed entertaining. Just as long as it kept us interested. Seinfeld went out on top, in its prime. And that was very necessary.

Tonight is another finale, where whoever wins goes out on top. Based on the last two games, episodes 5 & 6, we've all been winners. They have our attention. The cast of characters have become ingrained on our brains. We can relate.

Look in the mirror and you'll see Tim Duncan, the low-key superstar that belies his Texas spotlight, who's more dowdy than 'Howdy!', who's more substance than style. Look at the way he's struggled, as the media likes to put it, putting up just extra numbers, not extraordinary like they've become accustomed. Look at how he misses free throws, how he blows tip-ins. Look at how human he is. Tonight's finale, for him, is very necessary. He's just like the rest of us now, always having something to prove to someone, always having to be the best at our jobs in order to get any semblance of recognition. He, like us, is considered an expert at what he does, but until he sways everyone to believing he's "The Man," he'll just be another face in the crowd. Unfair, but true. On some levels, we can relate.

Look at that reflection again. Do you see Rasheed Wallace? Do you recall all the Motown misery when he blew that assignment in Game 5? Did you empathize with him, seeing that that could've been you at some point, messing up a presentation or being late to a meeting? Maybe you saw him calling a timeout his team didn't have in the closing seconds. He wasn't caught or punished for doing so. Just like we're not caught or punished for coming in a few minutes late or taking a little bit longer at lunch. He got away with it. But not away from it. We're most likely not under as much pressure as Sheed was, but it's relatable. Tonight's game, to defend his honor and his crown, is very necessary.

We all get sick. Not sick enough to stay home, but sick enough to not be our best. We can't make the excuses we want to if the job is subpar. Because we were there. We did it. We were responsible. That's the plight of Man-UP Ginobili (copyright, M.Elle, 2005) tonight, sore calf and all. He was lights out in the first few games, the first couple of boring games that nearly drove the masses insane. But if there were any highlights, they were of his electrifying dunk in Game 1 and his long-range bombs in Game 2. And just like the charged-up newbie that starts off ablaze and then inevitably trails off, Ginobili has been less than stellar since he got hurt. But he's still there. Trying to help his team succeed. So tonight, as he continues to heal, he knows that it's very necessary for him to be out it a go. Trying. I'm sure we can relate.

Then there's Chauncey. No, not the lame duck remaining member of BLACKStreet. The point guard for Detroit. Tonight is his finale as well. What he's done leading up to tonight has been nothing short of amazing. What it takes to coax a team full of hotheads and introverts, all wayward personalities in need of directon, to lead them from up against the wall in the last two series...what that takes, is special talent. He has it. And has shown it. He's been like the ultimate supervisor, delegating assignments and taking responsibility. He's done his job and, like last year when he was named Most Valuable Player, is looking for a very necessary promotion. Oh yeah, we can definitely relate to that.

This series has finally found its legs. It's rolling. Tonight is the finale. And if the cast of characters do their jobs, it should be one hell of an ending. We've been waiting eleven years for a Game 7 in the NBA Finals. It's also been some years since the last great sitcom. Just like Seinfeld, this series has the potential to go out on top. Now that everything's in place, it should. It's Motown Vs. The Alamo. Pistons-Spurs. No more cliffhangers. Tonight, it could be redemption for poor performance or poor health; making strong cases for promotions or recognition. It's all related. But whatever the intangibles, the tangible is tonight. And we all get to watch it play out. Yup, this episode, this very necessary.

Let's go.

scribbled by Will at 6/23/2005 10:24:00 AM
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