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Wow, these High 5ives have been MIA as I've been prepping to go to, ummm, MIA. A lot has been going on over the past few months. Life decisions, family matters, work it, I've been going through it. Thus, the hiatus. But, as with everyone else, I just couldn't stay away for long. With that said, I'm due a random ass post before the long weekend.

So here it is...LOL

1. Let me get to this first and foremost. I think you guys know that I watch a looootttttt of television. With the invention of TiVo, even when I travel like crazy, I still gets my TV on. So I've been home this week catching up on some shows. Below is my synopsis of three season finales:

  • Desperate Housewives--Listen, back in December, I came clean that I watched the show, so don't act all brand new on me now. LOL I peeped the season finale and I have to say that I was OK with how things played out. Bree's husband died (was actually poisoned by the pharmacist who has the hots for Bree and, John the gardener came clean to Carlos about laying the pipe to Gabrielle (I still don't see what the fascination is with her, btw...she's not fine...LOL), Mike the plumber FINALLY made it known why he was in town, avenging the death of his ex-girlfriend who was killed by Paul and Mary Alice (the lady who shot herself in the pilot) when she tried to take the baby back from them that she'd previously sold them in a crack-induced haze. LOL Zach (the baby that was sold) finally snapped, pulling out a gun on Susan and holding her hostage til Mike comes back. Ole Zackie plans on killing Mike for killing his dad (which he was told happened by a nosey neighbor), not knowing that Mike could be his birth daddy. LOL Lawd, this is turning into a full-blown soap opera. I can't take it. I may not watch next season. But if I do, it will be because of Betty Applewhite. Yep, that's the name of the new neighbor on Wisteria Lane. And pssst...she's black. That's right, folks! Alfre Woodard has joined the cast. I swear, they got ONE TIME to discriminate against her and I'm OUT. LOL Bitches.

  • The Contender--The show that nobody watched. Sigh. It was a good show. I mean, how can you go wrong when you have Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard in prominent speaking roles?!?!? That comedy alone kept me coming back. Sure, the boxing stories got so syrupy I had to watch with my insulin at the ready, but got sixteen boxers going for one prize of $1 million. And they get to knock the bejeezus out of one another along the way. God Bless America. The real reason why I tuned into the finale is because, ladies and gentlemen, Sly and Sugar would be let loose for TWO hours WITHOUT EDITING. This was LIVE TV. Imagine my joy when I found out they would BOTH be doing color commentary for the final two fights. Lawd, it was good times. They did NOT disappoint. With every punch, all you heard from Sly was "Uhhhngggh!" Sugar would co-sign, and then throw in such gems as "That's gotta hurt" or "He's got to feel that one." I swear, when I'm running HBO10 one day, I'm hiring these guys They need to make a Contender video game with these guys giving play-by-play just so I can download it to my phone.

  • LOST--I was definitely the most disappointed with this show's finale. It was cool to see the annoying science teacher blow up and splatter into a cajillion pieces. It was even cool to see the white guy singing Bob Marley songs. Hey, I get it. He's down. But ummm...the show may have LOST me near the end...when a potential rescue boat approached the raft...and demanded that they hand over the little black boy. *blank stare, remote in hand, feeling face turning flush* Yes, I know he was the only child on the island, and it could've been ANY kid. But it wasn't. It was a black boy, being taken away, for purposes unknown. I swear fore Gawd, if I see one clip in the fall of that boy doing ANY KIND OF SLAVE LABOR...*seething* Woo-sah! Woo-sah!...*collecting myself* I will boycott ABC and all of their affiliates forever. They have been warned.

2. My niece and her two children live with my mother in Queens. They moved here from California last year. Back home, they had two dogs. Here, they had none. Which is just the way my mother liked it. She under no circumstances wanted a dog. And it's her house, so ummm...that was that. Right? Well, my niece, in her infinite wisdom, decided that her kids needed a dog. Sooooo...she went out and got one. And brought it to my mother's house. Where she stays. With her kids. Sigh. That was a few weeks ago. And it's alllllll I've heard about for the past few weeks. From both sides. My niece says she thought my mom said OK. She deserves a pimp slap for that. I don't live there and I know she said no. LOL My mom's stance? Either the dog goes or my niece does. So far, both are still there. This.could.get.ugly. *calling moving companies on behalf of my niece*

3. In response to allllll the blogging that's been going on since the DC trip about me somehow snubbing my homies Xquizzyt1 and Rhapsodi. *deep breath* Yes, I have both of their numbers. No, I didn't intentionally snub them that evening. My phone was going haywire and I couldn't make a call. I promise. And I was drunk. Not drunk like my homeboys...LOL...but drunk nonetheless. So when X called me on it the next day, and suggested that I could've used someone ELSE'S phone to call them...she had me. Dead to right. But again, I say...I was drunk. That is all. And thanks, Cee, for helping me fix my phone that night. Good lookin'! Moving on...LOL

4. My good friend Nikki is getting married this weekend. I cannot wait to go to this wedding. Why, you ask? Aren't all weddings the same at this point? To a degree...yes. But this is Nikki...from Brooklyn. And Nikki loves to have a good time. The drinks should be flowing and oh yeah, there's going to be some food there, too. LOL Seriously, I cannot wait to see what she has in store on Sunday. If this wedding is wack she will never hear the end of it. So if you read me on Tuesday and I say that I STILL have a hangover...this, my friends, is why I love Nikki. LOL

5. I would be remiss if I didn't take this time out to congratulate a few good bloggers on their new jobs! I always say that good things happen to good people. I also always say It's about damn time. LOL So Jazz, Rhap, Golden and Yolie...CONGRATULATIONS on your new gigs, my sistas! And a special shout to Suezette for graduating! Ya make a big bro proud, I say!!!

Now if y'all will excuse me, there is yet ANOTHER blogger meetup this weekend. *shaking my head* They shoulda never gave you nuccas buddy passes. LOL


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