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Ladies and Gentlemen...Meet Xquizzyt1.

*Note: I'm not gonna say I was forced to do this, but since her "friends" Rhapsodi and Ms. Thing didn't see fit to do it even though she did glowing posts dedicated to each of them, guess who got drafted for the job? Those of you who said Will...are correct. Add in the fact that she's my blog fiancee and lawd, did I really stand a chance NOT to draw the short straw? LOL So here we go...*

*searching for straight pins to release the air from X's head after this is*

"Feggy pell."

Those two words had me. Do you hear me? She had me at friggin FEGGY! Once I saw those two words, I knew that Xquizzyt1 would be one of my most-visited blog sites. Not just because of her comical commentary on her bosses' drug-induced faux pas. Nope, for that and much more. Her writing was different, off the cuff, straight with no chaser. She told stories that everyone could relate to--male and female alike, whether she was pontificating about past pugilistic prowess, pandering about marriage, preaching a progressive path for her people or pondering her place in life, every day was a fresh slice of pink and green.

So I had to read it. Ev-er-ee day. *said like Taye Diggs in Brown Sugar* She was whimsical, thoughtful, cursed like a sailor, loved boxing, drinking and even made fun of herself for loving wack TV shows. (And she wonders why the brothers are hooked on her blog.) She made me realize that I could blog about anything as long as I kept it real. Like she did. Would you expect anything less from a native New Yorker? Not me.

Her love of The Sims, Nip/Tuck and Maker's Mark are just at the tip of her idealic iceberg. We've found out from her blog about her graduation from college, her marriage to a bodybuilder and her obsession over a truck nicknamed Mandingo. We've divulged that she has entirely too many pairs of shoes; been told why we can't rise as a people in separate doses, and have been able to see that even when we leave our suitcases at home, a credit card and a Macy's sale are all you need to get a Marvin Gaye song.

Do her words have impact? Hellus yeah. Go to anyone's site. I dare you. And I promise that on 85% of any blogger's reading list, Xquizzyt1 will be listed. She's blog royalty, for Marilu Henner's sake.

Don't believe me?

Must I continue to prove myself to you people? LOL

OK. Think about it. Over the past six months, self-proclaimed blog lord Ric Landers has left critical comments on three sites (that I'm aware of...hell, this survey is NOT accurate, so beat it if don't wanna Elle, Kajuana and X. DO YOU SEE THOSE THREE NAMES?!?!? Royalty. All of 'em. That's an elite class. And those are the ones he's visited.

The State rests, Your Honor. Your witness, Counselor.

You get the point. The way she writes makes people want to comment, want to read more. When she came up to New York to be with her family and help tend to her ailing grandfather, we got a chance to hang out, first with other bloggers during BowlingGate2005 and then with Siddity in the City. Ask them. They'll tell you. The way she is on her blog is just like she is in person. And no, I'm not just saying that because our webbing cybermony is June 4th, either. She's really lots of fun. Sure, she can't bowl worth a lick and is a lil toooo into the UFC *retch*, but hey...who's perfect?

Her friendships outside of the blog world with Rhapsodi, Ms. Thing and Grayse are genuine. You'd think they were all sisters, the way they've bonded. I got a chance to hang with all of them during a recent trip to Atlanta, and I tell ya, they are some of the best people I've been around in a long time. Shout-outs all around. *I see you, Champ!*

So, if you haven't had the chance yet, go check out your girl X. Hell, she even has friends from when she was a young child running wild checking her out. Who are YOU not to? LOL Seriously, she could be poignant, profane and politically incorrect--all within the same post. Good times all around, I say. And please, whatever you do, search for the post about Feggy. Because at the exact moment she pell, so did I...for a writer named Xquizzyt1.

And I've been ploored ever since.

*sticking pin behind left ear as she starts to float*

scribbled by Will at 4/15/2005 09:03:00 AM
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