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As you all can probably tell, this week is Music Week at IMWM. keeping with that theme (I'm a slave to the rhythm, what can I say?), last night was Karaoke Night for some members of the League. We ventured over to Proof (3rd Avenue bet. 19th & 20th Streets in NYC), where the conversation and liquid courage was flowing freely. It was the first time I've gone out with some of these colleagues...and it was memorable to say the least.

Before I reminisce on the warbling, let me first plug the dive next to Proof. It's called Burger Heaven, and if you ever come to NYC, please check this place out. The burgers are small (read: slider-like) yet packed with meat. This ain't no White Castle/Krystal-type mess. Nope. Real burgers. Broken down to three-bite convenience. (As I type this, I feel myself transforming into Sid with her occasional restaurant/food reviews...not that there's anything wrong with that...hehehe)

Anyways, the price is the best part of the whole deal. Hamburgers, $1. Cheeseburgers, $1.25. I only got two so that I could be on even keel once the *ahem* beverages commenced, but I must say they were good.

Now, on to the singing...

My co-worker brought her girls with her...and they signed up for over 5 songs apiece. Lawd. Their discography included the 702 song "Steelo", Salt N Pepa's "Push It", Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know", and Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight."

Um, yeah...Drunk young lady singing alllll ten minutes of "Rapper's Delight", EVEN the part where they refer to antacid due to horrible food consumed at a friend's house? Price-fuggin-less.

My other colleague A.T., who is a bit older, tagged along for the ride as well. And did NOT disappoint. Homeboy turned up the hilarity a notch with his renditions of George Benson's "On Broadway" and the Temptations' "My Girl."

I don't think y'all heard me...Dude sang ON BROADWAY!!! Like George Benson? Notsomuch.

A third co-worker is a Prince disciple. So, of course, on cue, she did "I Will Die 4 U". I thought I would die 4rom laughter. LOL She also did some prom song by Bon Jovi that only the "non-blacks" in Proof seemed to know. Me thinks she missed her prom as a teen and watched one too many Brat Pack films throughout her adolescent years. Yeesh. Just a brutal song...especially when your crew doesn't know it and can't back you up. I swear, it was so depressing, I actually think I shed a tear. Almost ran out into oncoming 3rd Avenue traffic. Noooobody wanted to follow that one. (Next time she sticks to Prince. For real.)

Me? Me, you say? What did WILL sing? Well, if you must know, I only sang once. And unless you count ad libbing, it really wasn't singing. It was rapping. Ya see, I'm new to the karaoke circuit and (as Kajuana and Edwige continue to pound home every.chance.they.can regarding my meetup with them in DC) did more observing and laughing than anything else.

Whaaaat? A brotha gotta observe. It's what I do. *bright smile*

No. I didn't forget to tell you what I performed. Here goes...I did my rendition of LL's "Around the Way Girl." Yup. All I needed was a kangol, a dookie phat gold chain, some abs, muscles, a flat nose (pre-surgery), a lip-licking fetish, and actual RAPPING SKILLS, and I would've been authentic in my interpretation. Alas, I had none of those things. The only thing I had...was a good time.

*Note to self* Bring a bigger posse if you're gonna do that song, though...maybe even some actual around the way girls. Because when the crowd is non-around the way, you're probably not gonna get as much participation as you'd like. The following could be heard during the song: "COME ON, PROOF! I SEE YOU! SING WITH ME! Them: *crickets* Sigh. *end note*

One highlight of the night was when someone actually went up there, loaded the sing-a-long machine with and proceeded to waste everyone's time singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! They KARAOKED Happy Birthday, thus forcing the entire crowd to sing along. Yeesh. And do people really need to see THE WORDS to that song?!?!?

Another highlight was when a guy and girl got up there and sang the Mariah Carey-Trey Lorenz version of "I'll Be There." She? A Mariah-in-training. Smooth. Hit all the notes. Easy on the ear. Him? A pariah-in-Proof. Rough. Hit the bricks. Easy on the beer...dude. LOL

Missed opportunities included my older colleague narrowly escaping singing the NellynKelly mess "Dilemma" (I still can't believe that song won a Grammy, which led to me changing my mind about the standards the music industry adheres to, thus causing a personal "dilemma") AND the *say it like Oprah would* JOHN TRAVOOLLLLTAAAAAA-Olivia Newton-John duet from Grease, "Summer Lovin'." Now THAT would've been some good times.

I will return to Proof. Next payday. I had fun. And next time, I will participate A LOT more. Please believe me. I might even bring a damn Kangol and fake abs along...for authenticity's sake, of course.

scribbled by Will at 4/21/2005 09:59:00 AM
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