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Curious Crushes...

OK, OK. X called me out.

And since she was brave enough to tell about her curious crushes (although the only one that was truly curious was Ced), I, too, will come clean with some of mine.

So, without further ado, here are some of my questionable crushes from over the years...with explanations, of course. LOL

1. Tonya Pinkins

No. She's not exactly beautiful. I mean, she's cute. Not beautiful. I know this. But I fell for her in the summer of 1994, right after I moved to Los Angeles and was looking for work. That process took about a month, so I was home...with time on my hands. So I, errr uhhh...watched soap operas. Yeah, I said it. All My Children, in particular. And there she was. Ms. Livia Frye. In all her glory. One of the few black women on the show.

She intrigued me with her sassiness. She was a take-charge woman, an attorney who defended her clients with aplomb. I found myself looking forward to noon every weekday to see what Livia would do next, hanging on her storylines in court, watching her talk smack to the white people in Pine Valley.

So I guess I just admire her because of the role she played. And then I found out that she was a Broadway veteran who won goobles of awards for her role in "Jelly's Last Jam". *drool*

On the crush-o-meter, she was hovering near a 9. I can't explain it, but I was seriously hooked on this woman. *shaking my head*

2. Stephanie Mills

It was 1975. I was four years old. My sister took my niece and me to see the Broadway version of The Wiz. Yes, I said I was four, but even back then I had an appreciation for live entertainment. And there she was...all 3 foot 8 of her, singing and dancing up a storm with the loudest, most pure voice this side of Gordon on Sesame Street (what? I was four, for Big Bird's sake!!!) She was Dorothy. My Dorothy. And I was a Stephanie fan forever after. Her version of "Home" still makes me weak in the knees.

Her discography is relentlessly consistent. "Comfort of A Man", "Something in the Way You Make Me Feel", "I Feel Good All Over", "Never Knew Love Like This", "(I've Learned to Respect) The Power of Love"...I could go on and on.'s.voice. I literally grew up with it. So as I respect her talent gangsta, she too is one I've been crushing on for a minute. Curiously. LOL

3. Phylicia Rashad

Sure, she's old enough to be my mama. AND she played one on TV. LOL But there's something about Claire Huxtable that I just love. Maybe it was the way she dealt with her TV kids that got me hooked. Maybe it was the fact that she could act WELL and sing WELL. A double threat. Good goodness, I loves me some talent. And she's got oodles, I tell ya.

Another Broadway veteran who stands up for good causes. She walks with style and grace and has aged very well. She shouts out New York whenever possible; spending most of her adult life working here in television and theater. Her roles in BLUE, A RAISIN IN THE SUN and GEM OF THE OCEAN were all phenomenal. And THOSE are just her recent successes along the great white way.

What's not to love about this woman? Nothing, I say. And THAT is why she's another crush o' mine. Sigh.

4. Ellen DeGeneres


*waiting for laughter to subside*

Seriously, you can stop anytime...sigh.

*bathroom break, coming back to same laughter*

OK, OK!!! Knock it off!

I am a sucker for a woman with a sense of humor. And Ellen definitely qualifies in that department. Ever since her early days on the HBO Young Comedian Specials, she always got my attention with her witty jabs. She was the thinking man's comedienne. I got her jokes. And occasionally, they actually made me laugh out loud, for real.

Now...I must admit this...I, Will, the black man's black man...TiVo her talk show everyday. WHATTTT? I can't help it. She makes me laugh. And that goofy dancing thing? It's classic. You should check her out sometime. She's the best talk show host alive. She's as much at ease with John Travolta as she is with John Legend. Farrah Fawcett as Fantasia. Sean Connery as Sean Combs. THAT, my friends, is a gift. Why else do you think people loved Johnny Carson so much? Because he made his guests feel at ease. Ellen does the same.

Last year, I was in L.A. for the Grammy weekend, and that Friday night Stevie Wonder performed at the House of Blues to a standing room only crowd. Nas and Kelis, Jay and Beyonce, Chris Tucker, Latifah, Jill Scott...everybody was in da house that night. And guess who I stood next to for most of the show? Yup...Ellen. And she was dancing more than me, singing the words right along with Stevie with more precision than me...just having a ball.

Her sense of humor is why I have somewhat of a crush on her. But really, I think it's just an appreciation and admiration for how she's handled herself throughout the years...not afraid to publicly declare her preferences, a strong sense of self, all the while doing it with comedic timing and an infectious personality.

Go Ellen.

Ummmm...that's all I got. Please draw from this entry that I love talented women. Period. That's what all of these women have in common. God bless them all. You've GOT to have a headache by now. Yeesh.

scribbled by Will at 4/11/2005 07:58:00 AM
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