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It's Wednesday. I'm tired from work. So I'm taking a few minutes out for a 100 Things List, which is seemingly some sort of blog initiation. Go figure.

Be forewarned that I might jump all over the place...

Here we go:

1. My name is William. Not Bill or Willie.
2. I was born in Harlem Hospital in the summer of '71.
3. Yes, I'm 33 years old.
4. I like saying the word Yeesh.
5. I'm a writer.
6. I'm in the process of writing my first book.
7. I hope to be finished sometime this summer. *crossing fingers*
8. I grew up in Queens.
9. I work for a non-profit organization.
10. Translation: I am grossly underpaid.
11. I own a copy of The Best of The Jets.
12. The singing group, not the football team.
13. I may not have made up the term "blog crush," but I'm really ready to retire it.
14. My name is Will. I read blogs. Off and on. All damn day. Shame.
15. I'm ready for a change in scenery.
16. I owe my writing skills to my 7th grade teacher.
17. He was gifted.
18. And he helped me express myself so the world could understand.
19. I was blessed to learn from him.
20. Yeah...a nucca got gifts. LOL
21. I really, really miss my dad.
22. I am very grateful for the time we had together.
23. He taught me how to be a man.
24. How to be a gentleman.
25. How to stand up for myself.
26. How to put people at ease.
27. I love black women.
28. Apparently, so does Dr. Dyson...but after reading his book, I still don't know why. LOL
29. If I were blog president, Panama Jackson would be my Secretary of Defense.
30. BruthaCode, ManNMotion and Humanity Critic would hold positions within the cabinet, too.
31. Cool blog brothas.
32. I have one sister. She lives in Brooklyn.
33. I rest in Harlem.
34. My brother died back in 1992. Suffered a seizure and never recovered.
35. I am the youngest.
36. Contrary to popular belief, I am shy.
37. Not painfully shy, but a nucca can get quiet at times.
38. Shaddup, Kajuana. LOL
39. I admire the creativity that bloggers display.
40. Reading their words inspire me to keep on blogging.
41. I know the words to "I Sing The Body Electric."
42. And "Honeysuckle Rose."
43. Oh. And most New Edition songs.
44. Do yourself a favor--pick me on your team if the game is ever Useless TV Trivia.
45. We would shut the other team OUT. LOL
46. I'm left-handed.
47. I have a niece that is two years older than me.
48. I truly believe that a woman that can make great banana pudding will make a great life partner. LOL
49. Pssst...I like Jill Scott.
50. Not so much the physical...but I'm damn sure attracted to her talent.
51. Hell, talented women turn me on.
52. I like it when X says hellus nous.
53. I've been privileged to meet some wonderful people throughout my lifetime.
54. Ossie Davis was one of them.
55. Ruby Dee was another.
56. I love them.
57. I always will.
58. I hate being in pictures.
59. Blog crushes are so passe...but blog baby-mama's...that's da shit! I got one!
60. I like the word Lawd better than Yeesh.
61. Guy's "I Like" is one of the most perfect songs I've ever heard.
62. I love challenges.
63. I hardly ever approach women.
64. Which might explain why I'm single now. LOL
65. I can be downright grumpy when I'm tired.
66. I work long hours.
67. Did I mention I was grossly underpaid?
68. I love baseball. I know...I'm one of the few.
69. Say the word 'auspicious' in a Sean Connery voice. Go on. I dare you. You'll be hooked!
70. I feel that women who make great lasagna make great mothers. LOL
71. Sometimes, when I least expect it...Siddity makes me laugh OUT LOUD.
72. I've met some very cool bloggers thus far.
73. Next stop on my career path: writing for a mainstream magazine. Full time. Not freelance.
74. If any of you have contacts, holla at a writer.
75. Sometimes, I'm not in my write mind.
76. I hate my nose.
77. I love to travel.
78. My best friend is a writer, too.
79. I think I'd make a good father.
80. And would work toward being a great one.
81. I can be impatient.
82. There's something about Lauryn Hill that won't let me give up on her. Yet.
83. Living in Harlem has been a great experience.
84. Mos Def reminds me so much of my friend that passed away--mannerisms and all.
85. I don't tell my mother enough that I love her.
86. Calling mom. brb
87. OK. She knows.
88. I have a hard time taking people at their word. Color me cynical.
89. I could listen to Donny Hathaway sing all day long.
90. His daughter Lalah could serenade me if she wants.
91. I need at least one day a week where I could just sleep all day.
92. My friends say that I'm a good listener.
93. At least that's what I think I heard...wasn't really listening to them.
94. If I ruled the world, teachers would get paid as much as athletes. Have you SEEN the kids today? Yeesh.
95. There is nothing...and I mean an HBCU.
96. Wait...except don't believe what you see on College Hill. It's bad...bad!
97. I've always wanted to be able to sing. Well.
98. I am grateful for the love I receive every day.
99. There is nothing...and I mean absolutely being surrounded by talented people. It raises your game.
100. I hope I didn't ramble too much. My mind is everywhere these days. LOL


scribbled by Will at 3/02/2005 04:55:00 PM
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