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I believe that my job makes me too tired to have much of a social life.

I believe that my time in Harlem is drawing to a end.

I believe that blogging is, by far, the best way to vent this side of smashing windshields and slashing tires.

I believe that I've probably passed fellow bloggers in the streets of the various states to which I've traveled.

I believe that my mother makes the best fried chicken in the world.

I believe in love.

I believe that impatient people are probably some of the worst drivers and the reason that insurance rates skyrocket each year.

I believe that I will never own a car as long as I live in Harlem.

I believe that all people have something up their sleeve. The amount of the something depends on whether they're wearing long or short sleeves.

I believe that I want the phrase "Hellus Nous" engraved somewhere on my tombstone. You know, when that time comes.

I believe that one day Fave and Simone will get it together and we will all be invited to their wedding.

I believe that LeBron James is much better than Kobe Bryant.

I believe that whether Tevin Campbell was gay or not, the boy sure could sang.

I believe that Kobe is sorry...that he got caught.

I believe that the New York Knicks will never win a championship during my lifetime.

I believe the same about the New York Jets.

I believe that the show Blind Justice is just too unbelievable and won't last more than a few episodes.

I believe that The Simpsons is the best written show in television history.

I believe that Desperate Housewives needed a break; they were exposing too many secrets too fast.

I believe that there should be a spinoff to The Surreal Life: Bloggers Edition and that this time it should take place in Atlanta.

I believe the original Surreal Life: Bloggers Edition will always be the platinum standard.
I also believe that the Good Times episode done by Brutha Code before he retired is the equivalent to any classic television episode in history.

I believe that the Subway (c) Meatball Marinara foot long is the best sandwich they make.

I believe that my niece is going to be famous one day.

I believe that some of the best talent in America lies within the blogs I read daily.

I believe that Ludacris's lyrics feature some of the best word play the rap game will ever see.
I believe that Alice Walker is one of the greatest writers of my lifetime...although she is just one of them.

I believe that Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes were the most important writers of all time. Ever.

I believe in the National Urban League.

I believe that C.hris should stick to stand up and never host another show. Ever.

I believe that the next American Idol will be a male.

I believe that Fantasia meant no harm with the Baby Mama song.

I believe that whoever is giving career advice to Ruben Studdard needs to be dismissed.

I believe that older black women give the best advice.

I believe in Hip Hop, but I can't stand rap.

I believe that there will never be another male singer on Donny Hathaway's level.

I believe that whoever is giving Jamie Foxx career advice has an extremely tough job going forward.

I believe that my time in New York is just about up.

I believe that my mother is THE strongest person I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

I believe in friendships that last a lifetime.

I believe that Michael Jackson will be found not guilty.

I believe in LIVING STRONG.

I believe that my best days are yet ahead of me.

I believe in soulmates.

I believe that Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the best shows on television right now.
I believe that women of color are a wonder to behold.

I believe that all strip clubs should be operated like fast food restaurants--get in, order from the menu and get out before you realize how you spent your money.

I believe in booty calls.

I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence.

I believe that everyone should experience a Jill Scott concert during their lifetime.

I believe that this list will end sometime soon.

I believe in Diggs.

I believe in Mia.

I believe in forevers.

I believe in tomorrows.

I believe in seizing the day.

I believe I need more rest and less travel.

I believe that lefthanded Leos are the greatest--with all due respect to Muhammad Ali.

I believe that Will Ferrell is one of the funniest human beings alive.

I believe that Rhapsodi will have a single out by next year.

I believe that X will move back to New York.

I believe that will be saved as a favorite on a lot of PCs.

I believe in The Flow.

I believe that Panama Jackson will one day soon take over the world.

I believe that Elle will NOT cut off her hair.

I believe in miracles.

I believe I will be married one day.

I believe in black people.

I believe...I'm done.

scribbled by Will at 3/08/2005 03:45:00 PM
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