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A Tuesday 5 Things...

It's a short week for me here at work, so it's been more hectic than usual. Lately, it seems that I've been having more meetings than Jehovah's Witnesses. There's just a lot going on. Between school visits and our upcoming conference, it keeps me here pretty late on the days I'm actually in the office.

Over the next few months, I will be travelling to Houston, Memphis, Jackson (TN), Hampton, DC, Miami and Dallas. And that doesn't even include my trip to Los Angeles this weekend. Or my wont to go to Atlanta in March. Throw in some concerts and after work events, and it's gonna be crazy through June.

And I love it. Or at least I will love it. As soon as I get some multi-vitamins. LOL

Speaking of Los Angeles, stay tuned for:

When Write Goes West.

Coming SOON!!! Like, this weekend SOON.

Now, on to the Things for today...

1. I had quite a weekend. In an incident I will heretofore call Lottaliquor Booze, I was laid on my ass for most of Saturday by a heavy-handed bartender from the night before. I thought it was a good idea to go out drinking with my boys from Queens, partying as if it were 1999 instead of 2005. Those six years make a big difference. Gone are the days when I could drink with reckless abandon, play six games of basketball, some tackle football and go skating at night. Hell, I can hardly go out after work for more than an hour these days.

Sigh. I'se gettin' old. But that's not the point of my story.

The point being, never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, ever tell the bartender to surprise you with one of their "specialty drinks." It will leave you flat on your back thinking you belong in the "special" olympics. Oh yeah...Saturday was bad. And silly me attempted to install a computer router in that hazy state. Which required me to make three trips to 125th Street for cables the Lin.ksys lady claimed I needed for the installation. And.she.was.wrong. Had me wondering if SHE was the one out drinking the night before. I was so upset; she better be glad that I was ON my Sidekick or else she would've been receiving several side kicks to the dome. Stupid lady. Eat feces.

2. Dear Donovan McNabb,

I write this as a brother and a fellow black man. I applaud your accomplishments and everything you did this year, guiding your team to the big stage when all looked doubtful and when people wanted to believe that you couldn't do it. Respect for that.

Now, with that said...WTH? I could've gone out there and thrown the ball around all willy-nilly. Were you nervous? Were you hurt? Did you OD on Campbell's soup before kickoff? Did people threaten you like they did Damon Wayans in The Last Boy Scout? *in my Nino Brown voice from New Jack City* You don't know nothin??!!! I mean, somebody gotta know somethin!!!

Seriously, I know there was pressure on you, being only the third black quarterback to make it that far. I know there were distractions the past two weeks with the whole "Will T.O. play or won't he?" crap. PSSST! Dono...T.O. played. And DESPITE you, he was brilliant! A real shot in the arm. A sparkplug. Hell, compared to you, he was a friggin highlight film.

Dangit all to heck, Don! You wasted a great opportunity against a team that was ripe for the picking. But three interceptions, some fumbles and ill-timed sacks (wait...this just in: YOU CAN RUN, DUDE!!!! USE YOUR LEGS!!!! RUN, DONO, RUN!!!) amounted to a loss of monumental proportions. Sure, I wasn't even rooting for you. The other team is a well-oiled machine. You? Looked like Nipsey Russell in The Wiz before Diana Ross gave him a "can" job.

If you were hurt, say so. It won't be an excuse. It will be a reason. And will help Eagles fans sleep at night and get them off the ledges and out of the ovens. If you were scared, MAN UP! T.O. did. If you need glasses, let me know. I got the hookup at Pearle.

Just...just...don't do THAT again. Turning the Super Bowl into the Toilet Bowl. Oy.

Thank you. That is all.


Brother (man), Where Art Thou?

3. I got a chance to catch a few shows this weekend while I laid on my back in a post-drunken stupor. First up was Black in the 80s, which took a brotha back to the times of my maturation and the "golden age" of music. From the all-star cast in Krush Groove to the rebel beats of Public Enemy and NWA, the show was hot. They will definitely be running all month, so check it out if you get a chance. There were "80s" specials on music, television and film.

Also got a chance to catch Missy Elliott's Road to Stardom for the first time. Can't say I'm impressed; not repulsed either. I love the concept. I just can't get with the endings. The spotlight? Having to beg your case to Missy like she's a lollipop-sucking, Kangol-rocking, ebonics-speaking Judge Wapner on the People's Court? Nope. Don't buy it. And what's up with Missy's posse?!?!?!? I mean, as eye candy goes, I'd rather they bring back some of the rejects from America's Next Top Model. For two reasons. They would get some face time (especially the ones who were kicked off in weeks 1 and 2) and simply because, obviously, they don't have to speak. I hope UPN is not paying her posse members. I mean, it's not like they're even doing Missy's hair and makeup. Maybe they comb the fur on the Kangols or lace her sneakers for her. Yeah, that must be it.

4. On Friday, I'm off to Grammy weekend in L.A. This is going to be my third consecutive Grammy show and I'm hoping it's the best. Last year was great, seeing performances by Beyonce, Prince, Outkast, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas & Parliament Funkadelic. This year, Maroon 5 is on the roster, along with Alicia Keys (who better do better than last year when she did a half-assed salute to Luther), Usher, Destiny's Child (I will take the over on how many times Michelle will slip on the stage...or get tripped up for singing off-keyhehehe) and Queen Latifah is the host. Last year they went without a host and just had the "voice of God" and various artists introduce the artists. With Ms. Owens hosting the Grammys and Chris Rock doing the Oscar honors, Usher, Kanye and Alicia leading the way in musical nominations and Sir Foxx dominating the acting's turning out to be a historic month indeed. If Jamie wins for Ray, both Mr. Charles and Mr. Davis will be very proud.

5. I'm feeling it. Getting that sick feeling in my stomach starting now. And it will last the next month and beyond. Why, you ask? Because starting tonight, there are only four more episodes of NYPD Blue. FOUR! For twelve years, I've followed the ups and downs of Detectives Sipowicz, Medavoy and the rest of the 15th Squad. And on March 1st, they will be airing their final episode. There will be an entire blog on be forewarned. LOL Seriously,'s the end of an era. And I'm not thrilled about it. Sigh.

scribbled by Will at 2/08/2005 04:15:00 PM
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