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NEVER before have I looked forward to a Friday like I have this week. With all that's gone on this week, I'm excited to have a three-day hiatus when I can relax and not think about work. Of course, that all ends on Monday since I have to travel all of next week.

I love going to the campuses and interacting with the students and faculty. It's there that I can see the impact that our program has; how it prepares the students mentally for their futures. It makes me remember why I came to work at the League in the first place. It's our tagline, but over and over again it's proven to be true...we empower communities and, when everything breaks correctly, we change lives as well.

Now on to the 5...

1. First and foremost, I have to take this moment to thank EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who stopped by and offered well-wishes and condolences to my family. It means MUCH MORE than you'll probably ever know. Thank you!

2. Last week, en route to Los Angeles, I had a two hour layover in Atlanta. I'd told Brown Sugar and X that I was stopping through and they graced me with their presence, kept me company for a little over an hour. It was great. And while I'm saying thank you's, let me send some out to them because they really didn't have to come through. It was my first time meeting them both, and ummm, these sistas got it goin' on.

Brown Sugar is just as her name suggests. Gorgeous light brown eyes, the kind that look right through you; a perfect brown complexion, flawless cinnamon skin and a smile that's contagious. I love, love, love her personality. Just a great sense of humor and very smart. It's like I already knew her. She "claims" not to have a country accent, but yeah...she does. Her baby face belies the many detailed HOB (Hand On Booty) moments she blogs about. LOL Just an absolute cutie! Oh, and she carries a picture of her son in her phone. (Cue *awwwwww's from audience*)

X is just as advertised. Almost. LOL Sure, she's not only exquisite, but inquisitive and funny. High yellow (although she begs to differ...LOL), hair down to her shoulders, pretty smile, just as engaging in person as she is on her blog, more curves than the Daytona Speedway, and I gathered, a bit shy, which is a departure from the authoritative, take-no-prisoners X we read everyday.

It was a pleasure to meet both lovely ladies, who actually got along despite being from rival sororities. LOL Thanks again for keeping a brotha company.

3. If you get a chance, go out and catch the movie Hitch. Will Smith stars along with the sexy Eva Mendes and the hilarious Kevin James. Sure, it was a syrupy comedy-drama. Sure, the ending would make most dudes want to peel off their skin. But it was funny. Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. I recommend it for dates and for matinees. LOL Mr. Smith continues to make all Wills around the world proud (I, Robot and Wild, Wild West notwithstanding).

4. This weekend, Yolie will be in town from down souf. Check out her blog as she chronicles her weekend in da cit-tay. LOL I'm supposed to hook up with her, Singing and Golden for some bowling on Saturday. Our original plan was to have some shirts made with our favorite slogans on 'em (mine was gonna say "Will Dawson. The Real Peacemaker. Bitches." LOL), but it didn't come to pass. So we're just gonna bowl and have fun. Since Singing is a REAL singer, we might do some karaoke and just be her Pips. after several drinks and a threat to my life, of course. SID, if you read this, holler at your blog brotha. We wanna see YOU at some point this weekend. Aiight?

5. Lastly, despite all the jet lag and horrific news I received this week, I still managed to do some after-work activities this week. Wednesday, I went to the Knicks game. This just in: they actually WON the game versus Milwaukee, 108-90. Woo hoo!!! But who cares about that. The real news is that I was sitting in Johnnie Cochran's seats underneath the basket. (Thanks, Ken.) It was great! It was there that I was introduced to the Knicks Chick. Not.a.misprint. This woman has had season tickets since the 70s, knows the answer to EVERY trivia question, had autographs from dudes that played on the Knicks SUMMER team and, as kooky as she seemed, was really a whole bunch of fun. It was the perfect distraction I needed that night.

Thursday, I went to see the play McReele at the Roundabout Theatre in midtown. It starred Anthony Mackie *cough* *Diggs**hack*, who portrayed a 33-year old man that was incarcerated at the age of 17 for allegedly being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sixteen years later, when DNA proved inconclusively that he wasn't guilty, he was released. The play covers his life after incarceration. Mackie *cough*, from New Orleans, has starred in the Spike Lee film She Hate Me, was Eminem's rap competition in 8 Mile, and played a boxer in Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby.

McReele is currently in previews. It's an excellent play that gains momentum during the second act. It will surprise you, engross you and have you leaving the theatre thinking. Hell, any play that can keep me awake gets my stamp of approval.

Enjoy your weekends...I will be in Houston and Memphis next week. Oh, joy.

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