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Q & A---The "Write Mind" Way...Part Two

Christen from Maryland asked:

1. Where is your favorite hangout in NYC?

I love frequenting a spot called Virgil's in midtown. The best banana pudding I've tasted in a longggg time. And there's a new bar/lounge very close to where I live called Harlem Grill. They serve seafood there, the music is great, and they show old Pam Grier movies on the flat screen TVs. I think...I'm gonna like it there. So if you're ever in Harlem, in the infamous words of Jay-Z from that song with Beyonce, "Look for me!!!"

2. If you could spend a day with any blogger who would it be? And what would you all do during your day of hanging out?

Christen is paying back since I put her on the spot when she did her questions post. LOL Nice. Well, after thinking long and hard about it, I think I would hang out with Siddity. Since she's new to New York City, she seems to always be going to spots I'd never think of going to and relaying stories about restaurants and places I've never even heard of. I'd like to rediscover the city where I grew up through her fresh and curious eyes.

What would we do during our day? Whatever she wanted. I would let her pick the restaurants, the museums, the cafes. I'd just be along for the adventure. I'm sure there would be trips to shoe stores, which would allow me ample time to go somewhere and check my There'd probably also be some picketing of FreshDirect headquarters, but I'm game. I can pull my "No Roger, No Rerun, No Rent" signs out of storage. I think it would definitely be a fun day. Hell, I might even bring a camera like I'm a tourist. LOL This is alllll provided she would allow me to hang around, of course.

3. What's a talent that you don't have but wish you did?

I wish I could sing. I cannot. I mean, I don't sound like a broken vibrator like Toni Braxton's cousin...LOL But still, I can't sing. At all.

4. What is your favorite cd/casette/8 track/record ?

Guy's debut CD. It captures every mood. Wanna party? Groove Me. Spend the Night. Teddy's Jam. Wanna mack on a girl? Piece of My Love. I Like. You Can Call Me Crazy. Wanna break up? Goodbye Love. It was the perfect CD for my teenage years. And beyond.

My homie Yolie from Gawja was curious about:

1. If you were given 24 hours to live starting now, and you were told you can accomplish anything you desire in those 24 hours, what would it be? And it can only be one thing.

I know this is gonna sound like a beauty pageant answer, but seriously, I would bring about peace worldwide. Sure, I'd be gone tomorrow and wouldn't see the effects, I would do it for my niece and nephew so they wouldn't have to be fearful growing up. I would do it for the kids who are way too jaded at an early age from seeing hate manifest itself on television and on the streets. What a legacy that would be for my life. Here lies Will Dawson...The Real Peacemaker. Bitches. LOL

2. What does love, in terms of a life partner, mean to you?

It means everything to me. It's what I grew up knowing, that love. My parents stayed together for almost 60 years. the meaning of life partner. I hope to have that love one day, to experience what they experienced and to love the way they loved. I witnessed the trusting, the caring, the caring for, the big things like gifts and trips, the little things that were just as big like flowers, kisses and pizza. It was fixing my dad's favorite meal when he had a rough day at work. It was taking my mother shopping on a Saturday after she had a rough week with the kids. It was taking care of foster kids because my mom loved children; it was taking care of my dad--every day--when he fell ill. I want that kind of life partner love. If I get even a portion of it, I'll be good. I'd love it.

3. What part of you are you most afraid to share?

My insecurities.

4. Do you see writing as a hobby or the essence of you, and why?

Writing is the essence of me (or Jet, depending which magazine you read...hehehe). It's much more than a hobby. I could write for days and days about anything. I need to write about something everyday. Thoughts come to me and I have to put them down on paper. If there were a way for me to put Writer after my last name in hyphen form, I would. It's not so much what I do as much as it is who I am.

Put it this way: Last night, on American Idol, a young lady had to make a choice as to whether to follow her dream. She ran out of money and had to pawn an item. It was either her karaoke machine and CDs...or her wedding ring. Mind you, her husband was traveling with her. Her choice? The wedding ring. For a measly $200. And you know what? I'd do the same thing if faced with the choice of either writing or doing anything else. Goodbye, wedding ring. LOL You could always get another ring as a gift. But to lose the gift of writing...Don't even wanna think about that.

Brown Shuga from the Gawja Crew wondered:

1. What is your philosophy of life?

I was brought up under the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I still believe in that. However, it seems that too many people have thrown that rule to the side. Too much killing, hatred and unrest in the world. So my new philosophy in life is "Live Strong." Yup. Just like the bracelet from the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Nike. Isn't Nike genius? The world needs its marketers. Seriously. They go from Just Do It to Live Strong. God Bless Em. And Live Strong is what I plan on doing from here on out.

2. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Damn Suga, what, did you go to the Question Book for these? LOL I think I would be friends with me. People say I'm a good listener and that I don't judge them and I can always make them smile. And knowing me as I do, I would need those qualities in a friend. And people also have said that I'm non-threatening. So I would be my wingman when I go out, so I could get the girls while the other "me" backs me up. (Wait...I'm starting to get's late. LOL)

3. How do you release anger?

Through the keyboard. Whenever I get upset, I tend to go directly to a computer and try and channel that energy into something productive. It doesn't always work, though. Sometimes I have to go to the gym. I take my frustrations out on the machines. But I don't get angry that often. It takes a lot to get me really riled up.

For New Year's, after that trick did what she did, I was ready to go to her place and fuck her car up. I had to get talked out of that one. I had car keys in hand. LOL That was the angriest I've been in a long damn time. Shit, now I'm remembering why I was angry with her.

Fuck that...where's those car keys? I'll be back!

*Wooooooo-sahhhhhhh! Wooooooo-sahhhhhhhh!*

OK. I'm back.

Sid from New York City chimed in:

1. Any relation to Rosario, LOL?

I'd love to have relations with...oh wait. That wasn't your question. Sorry. No. Not related. :)

2.If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I think San Diego would be my spot. Think about it...barring a revolt from Mexico, a monsoon and/or a major quake, it's the perfect city. A military town. Sunshine. Never too hot. Never cold. Sign me up. I would've chosen somewhere outside of the U.S., but since almost everybody hates us, I'd always be looking over my shoulder. LOL Sad, but true.

3. Would you ever adopt internationally?

If I were in a financial position to do so, definitely. It's so rewarding, being able to give a child love and stability. When I met Victoria Rowell at a past Urban League conference, we talked about that extensively. Foster children all over have it so rough. Giving them what they've been missing, no matter where they came from...priceless.

4. What did you have for dinner last night?

PastaRoni and baked chicken. That butter and garlic concoction is the best!

Suezette from Gawja wanted to know:

1. Do you eat swine?

Not nearly as much as I used to. I will have the occasional sausage, and maybe some bacon bits in a salad, but otherwise I try to stay away.

2. What's your favorite spot to hang out at when you come to Atlanta?

I don't know the name of the strip club...LOL No, seriously, I won't necessarily say this is my favorite spot, but I somehow always end up at Gladys & Ron's Chicken and Waffles. Last time I was there in October, I ran into Michael Baisden. Another time I went, I walked there from my hotel and it started pouring en route. So I get there, and I'm soaked to the bone. Damn down souf rain! I go sit down with my peoples, trying to wring out my shirt. The waitress comes over and asks if I want a t-shirt to put on. I was like, Hellus Yes! Thank you very much. She came back with the shirt, I rocked it, ate, praised the establishment for looking out for its patrons...and then the bill came. She charged me for the shirt!!! LOL I wasn't that upset, but what I did say is that if you were gonna charge me, at least I could've picked a shirt that I actually wanted!!!!

The lesson, as always...Down Souf weather sucks. Period.

3. What virtue do you think is most important?

Wow. Two, actually. Honesty and Love.

4. Philly or Falcons?

Ahhh...this is probably the toughest question of all. LOL There are so many ways to break down this game. It's gonna be a good one this weekend. If you start with the quarterbacks, who do you choose? McNabb, the stud from Syracuse who's been to this game three times before and lost; or Vick, the stud from Virginia Tech who makes plays up on the fly and has one of the best arms I've ever seen? I think McNabb's experience wins out here, but I can't put all my chips on him because his experience being in this game has been horrible. He's lost THREE CONSECUTIVE TIMES!!! To teams with quarterbacks not as good as Vick. So that's a toss up to me. It's just gonna be great to see a black quarterback in the Super Bowl.

What about the offenses? Without Terrell Owens, Philly was great last week against a putrid Minnesota Vikings team. Everybody damn near scored against that defense. I think I saw my uncle catch a few passes. Lawd. It won't be that easy this week against the ATL. This might be the week McNabb misses his favorite target. The Falcs come into this game on the heels of one of the greatest team rushing performances in franchise history. Vick alone had 119 yards! Do NOT expect the same type of running game this week against Jeremiah Trotter and the Eagles defense. Hellus.nous. Adjustments will have to be made by both offenses. It won't be as easy for either as they made it seem last week. Toss up, anyone?

Defenses? Both strong. Philly against the run, Atlanta versus the pass. Another toss up.

So it comes down to the coaching. Jim Mora, Jr. is a rookie head coach whose rookie mistakes were not exposed by St. Louis last week. All I'm gonna point out is...if my team is up by 20-something in the 4th quarter, with under 6 minutes remaining...why in da hell is my best player still on the field?!?!? One wrong tackle and your season comes to a screeching halt. Get him outta there. Rookie mistake.

Andy Reid is solid. Except when it comes to this game every year. Some of the worst coaching ever when his team is playing for a spot in the Bowl. Unacceptable. This year, though, I think Philly has a chip on their shoulders. I think they're out to prove to the world that losing T.O. doesn't mean a damn thing. I think they're on a mission. Throw in the fact that the Falcons are a dome team...playing in what could possibly be a snow storm on Sunday...and I think Philly--because of their defense against the run--has the edge.

So all that to say that I'm going with Philly based on my gut. Of course, I'm the same guy who thought there was no way the Yankees could blow a three-game lead, too. So...don' Ever. LOL

Thanks for the questions! I had fun responding. But, on the real...I will never, ever do this again. I'm beat.

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