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So, as I finish up my projects here at work and wrap up all loose ends in preparation for my month-long sojourn to ummm, nowhere (lol), I figured that I would see what's coming on cable during December that will fill my non-work time. And, while perusing the TV Guide, I came across, of course, BET, which is chock full of entertainment options for the holiday season.

Below is a sampling of what's in store for me...

  • Saturday, December 4th--BET's Top 25 Countdown (3:00) with Jade, Brownstone, Oaktown's 3-5-7, En Vogue Episode--Girl Groups Therapy Synopsis: Four girl groups gather to catch up with old group members, show their favorite videos and analyze the stupidity of breaking up in the first place.
  • Sunday, December 5th--BET Original Movie The Lean on Me Reunion: Crazy Joe Comes Home (2004) (2:00) with Morgan Freeman, Joe Budden, Joe Clark, Joe, Fat Joe & Joe Mama Synopsis: What happens when the real Joe Clark and the guy who played him in the movie get together for a reunion at the high school that was the backdrop of it all? Not much, apparently, as this is a BET original production. Watch the Joes play I Declare War, rap perform at the school's prom and auction off the megaphone and bat from the movie.
  • Monday, December 6th--Access Granted: BobKittens (2004) with Bob Johnson, Nelly, Petey Pablo Synopsis: Go behind the scenes with new Charlotte Bobcats owner and former BET honcho Bob Johnson as he & the boys search the strip clubs for members of the Bobcats cheerleading squad, which also serves as the next video from the Nelly CD Suit. Or Sweat. Ahhh, one of em.
  • Tuesday, December 7th--The Parkers (1999) Episode--You Yell, Girl! Synopsis: This is the episode where Nikki yells.
  • Thursday, December 9th--BET Walk of Fame: Omarion (0:20) with IMx, DMX, X-Clan, Wu-Tang Clan, Mario, Gerald Levert (is it a show on BET without Gerald?) and special appearances by Tevin Campbell and Michael Jackson Synopsis: Join BET in this stirring, unprecedented 20-minute special saluting former B2K member Omarion for his contribution to music.
  • Friday, December 10th--BET Movie of the Week: The Five Heartbeats (1991) with Leon, Robert Townsend, Tico Wells, Michael Wright Synopsis: Showing for its 29th time, BET salutes the movie tonight by retiring it from the MotW rotation--until next year.
  • Sunday, December 12th--Bobby Jones Gospel Hour (2:30) Synopsis: BET wheels Jones out on gurney with I.V. for this special recognizing Jones' 88 years on BET. Special appearances by Mary Mary, Aunt Mary, Merry Christmas, Murray from the Odd Couple, and the rev'rend from Brotha Code's CHUHCH post.
  • Wednesday, December 15th--How I'm Livin': Jayson Williams (00:30) Synopsis: Take a trip to the palatial Central New Jersey estate of former NBA star Jayson Williams as he prepares for his second trial in two years. See the pool where grown ass men swam naked while downing tequila straight up. See the gun collection that gave new meaning to Jayson blocking "shots."A portion of the show will be interactive as Williams and his wife sell their furniture and other items on Ebay to cover attorney costs. Exclusively on BET.
  • Thursday, December 16th--106 & Park: The Kwanzaa Special (1:30) Synopsis: See A.J. & Free. See A.J. & Free try and read the teleprompter. See A.J. & Free waste rolls of film trying to pronounce Umoja, Kujichagulia, Ujima, Kuumba...and Nia. LOL
  • Friday, December 17th--BET Original Movie Prison Song 2: It's A Rap (2004) (2:00) with Q-Tip, Fat Joe, Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule, Slick Rick, Shyne, Black Rob, Young Buck, Beanie Sigel and Suge Knight Synopsis: The original cast is reunited for this sequel, which takes place on the same set where the Lean On Me Renunion took place (budgetary reasons?). See your favorite rappers act out their life stories behind bars. Hosted by Blige, who's apparently too happy these days to care that she's surrounded by convicted felons. Lawd.
  • Monday, December 20th--Club Comic View: Christmas Edition Synopsis: Please join host Rickey Smiley as he and 8 other comedians hook up to Santa's sleigh to bring the people something they haven't since Cedric the Entertainer was host--the gift of laughter.
  • Tuesday, December 21st--Soul Food-The Series (2002) Episode--Sitting in the Cardboard Seat Synopsis: This is the episode where the actors deliver their lines with all the emotion of a cardboard cutout.
  • Friday, December 24th--BET Original Programming The First BET Macy Gray Christmas Parade Synopsis: Join Macy Gray, Tamyra Gray, the Grey Goose, A.J. and Tiffany as they putter down Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. in Harlem for BET's first ever foray into the parade arena through the world's most famous village. The interactive portion of the show is when callers are able to call in to vote on whether or not the hosts survive the debris being thrown on them by the crowd.
  • Monday, December 27th--Girlfriends (2001) Episode--The Complainer Synopsis: This is the episode where Toni complains.
  • Friday, December 31st--BET/Notarized Top 100 Countdown Synopsis: Well, to tell the truth, there was nothing in the TV Guide for this, but just expect plenty of down souf music, jingling bootys and god-awful rap. Good times!

As you can probably tell after reading all that, I'm sooo looking forward to my time off. Pray for me. Sigh.

scribbled by Will at 12/03/2004 03:36:00 PM
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