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5 Things for a Pre-Vacation Thursday...

Ahhh...vacation. Two more days of work and I'm outta here til 2005. God bless the invention of the long weekend, which helped me save some days throughout the year and have it all culminate in a virtual month off. is good.

Anyways, let's get into the Things for today...

1. First off, I love my fellow bloggers. Only here would I get called out for omitting some cereals from yesterdays Cereal Killer post...LOL Lemme just say that while I didn't mention all of my favorites (I was typing this while working on a Freddy Adu article), I thank those who commented and have to add a few more to my list:

  • Cookie Crisp

Actually, it was Brown Sugar talking about this cereal that started our whole convo yesterday. And when you start waxing nostalgic about cereal and Smurfs, you KNOW the world today is a weird place. LOL Favorite Nightmare brought to my attention that this cereal wasn't on the list and I had to ammend it quickly. Thanks, Bro. Oh, and check out his blog when you get a chance. (Commercial over...LOL)

Oh yeah. The Crisp. Yessirrr!!!! While I also loved the Vanilla wafer flavor, the fact that I was able to eat chocolate chip cookies with milk for breakfast--FOR BREAKFAST!!! Hell, that's like being the first guest up on The Tonight Show with Carson or being first on line to ride the Cyclone on Coney Island. Just great stuff!

  • Apple Jacks

"A is for Apple. J is for Jacks. Cinnamon toasty Apple Jacks..." I loved this cereal so much, I did the Cabbage Patch to the commercial, singing along just like Ruben Studdard probably does when a Duncan Hines commercial comes on. I was like the little kid on the box, doin' cartwheels and stuff. And as I think about it, this is the only orange cereal that I know of. Seriously. How did they make this? And did anyone ever care that this was an orange cereal called APPLE Jacks? God bless Kellogg's once again.

  • Cocoa Puffs

Mannnnn...I rocked ruff and stuff with my Cocoa Puffs!!! LOL And thanks to The Black New Yorker (check out her radio show), who jogged my memory, I can remember plenty a food fight with my niece as we sat down on school mornings trying to make each other laugh. One Cocoa Puff to the dome would do it every time. And the commercial? A sedate, squealing cuckoo bird, trying to keep it together like he was in AA or something...and then he just loses it! This...was classic TV!

  • Froot Loops

Good ole Toucan Sam. Gotta love him. His beak...was the colors of the cereal. And again...who made it? Altogether now: KELLOGG'S. (I better get some free cereal from plugging them so much...shiiii.) Whenever I saw that red box coming out of the grocery bags, I knew there were good times to follow. Give me some clarity, though. Was this the commercial that said, "Just follow my always knows..." If it was, then I remember things that I probably shouldn't. Scary. But I still loved this stuff. And again with the spelling, though. How many kids have gone to school over the years spelling fruit like froot? Can we look this up? There has to be evidence.

OK, I gotta stop with all this cereal talk. People might think I'm going a little COO COO!!! LOL

2. Does anyone watch LOST? This is a great show, but you have to watch every week to figure out the psyche of the people stranded on an island in the South Pacific. And it's about to get really good, because the 40 or so castaways are about to find out that they're not alone on the island. *Cue scary music.*

3. And while I'm on the subject of television, please, please, please watch The West Wing this season. I know I've mentioned it in my blogs before, but let me tell you...this show continues to hold my attention. And I'm not your biggest politico. It's a bit talky (which I love) and the writing is superb (which I love even more). The show fell off for about a season and a half, but it's back to its original brilliance. At least that's the way I see it.

4. Yolie, I know you won by default the other day in the I Know What You Did Last Week post. But it's cool, though. You shouted me out on your blog AND made reference to the "stepping awayyyyy from the tracks", so you deserve the tiger pops. LOL

5. And finally, I won't bore you with my thoughts about the black coach at Notre Dame getting shafted after just three seasons OR the news that Jason Giambi, a New York Yankee, admitted to injecting steriods. All I will say is that this world--the one I was given, I didn't make it--is starting to depress me more each day. Sigh.

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